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How to Spot a Counterfeit Lightsphere

We have been receiving quite a number of GARY FONG LIGHTSPHERES for warranty returns that are counterfeit products.

Here is how to spot the fakes:

  • The counterfeits do not hold their shape.
  • They are identified with a “petroleum” smell.
  • There are spaces in the patent numbers engraved on the casing.
  • The labeling on the strap is smeared and flakes off easily.
  • The “buckle” attachment of the belt is wider and a different shape.
  • The packaging does not include the printed instructional card or trademark lime green packing paper.
  • The counterfeits have a white dye added into the mix.

These products are poor-quality knockoffs. Amazon DOES enforce counterfeit prevention, but they need to know about it. If you receive one, please report it as a counterfeit, and Amazon will satisfyingly shut down the counterfeit vendor. Please use this as a reference. Also – rely on established photography accessory retailers. If there are prices that are substantially lower than typically advertised, you’re probably purchasing a counterfeit. Thank you for spreading the word!

To learn more about how to spot counterfeit Lightspheres, and ensure you are getting a quality product, watch the video above.

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With gratitude – Gary Fong